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December 14, 2017

arrow bulletBoard of Education Policies

Table of Contents (last revised on 10/10/16)


0000-Educational Philosophy-Educational Philosophy       0100-Equal Opportunity-Equal Opportunity         0115-Student Bullying Prevention and Intervention
0200-School District Goals and Objectives-School District Goals and Objectives
0210-School District Goals and Objectives-Goals for Instructional Program
0211-Goals for the Educational Program-Participatory Goal-Setting and Decision Making
0320-Commitment to Accomplishment-Evaluation of the Superintendent


1000-Community Relations Goals-Community Relations Goals
1050-Annual District Meeting and Election-Annual District Meeting and Election
1120-Public Information Program-School District Records
1130-Public Information Program-Media Relations
1410-Public Complaints-Complaints About Policies
1420-Public Complaints-Complaints About Curricula or Instructional Materials
1500-Public Use of School Facilities-Public Use of School Facilities
1511-Public Use of School Facilities-Advertising in the Schools
1520-Public Use of School Facilities-Public Conduct on School Property
1530-Public Use of School Facilities-Tobacco-Free Environment
1540-Community Relations-Recognition of Distinguished and or Deceased Individuals or Groups
1900-Community Relations-Parent Involvement



2000-Board Operational Goals-Board Operational Goals
2122-School Board Legal Status-Board Member Oath of Office
2123-School Board Legal Status-Board Members and Term of Office
2130-School Board Legal Status-Board Member Resignation
2131-School Board Legal Status-Board Member Vacancies
2160-School Board legal Status-School Board Code of Ethics
2210-Organization of the Board-Board Reorganizationa! Meeting
2220-Organization of the Board-Board Officers
2221-Organization of the Board-Role of Individual Board Members
2231-Organization of the Board-Role of the District Clerk
2232-Organization of the Board-Role of the Treasurer
2250-Organization of the Board-Board Committees
2251-Organization of the Board-Standing Committees
2252-Organization of the Board-Ad Hoc Committees
2270-Organization of the Board-School Attorney
2300-School Board Meetings-School Board Meetings
2310-School Board Meetings-Regular Meetings
2320-School Board Meetings-Special Meetings
2321-School Board Meetings-Annual and Special School District Meetings
2330-School Board Meetings-Executive Sessions
2342-School Board Meetings-Agenda Preparation and Dissemination
2370-School Board Meetings-Public Participation at Board Meetings
2400-Board Policy Development-Board Policy Development
2410-Board Policy Development-Formulation, Adoption, Amendment of Policies
2420-Board Policy Development-Board Adopted Regulations -Administrative Regulations
2510-Board Member Service-New Board Member Orientation
2521-Board Member Services-School Board Conferences, Conventions, Workshops
2521.1-Board Member Services-Meal and Other Expense Reimbursement
2530-Board Member Services-Membership in School Board Associations



4110-Organization of Instruction-School Calendar
4240-Curriculum Development-Curriculum Guides
4310-Curriculum-Basic Instructional Program
4311.1-Citizenship Education-Display of the Flag
4320-Curriculum-Medicaid Compliance
4321-Curriculum-Programs for Students with Disabilities
4321.1-Curriculum-Special Education Mediation
4321.2-Curriculum-Programs for Preschool Children with Disabilities
4321.3-Curriculum-Independent Educational Evaluations
4321.4-Curriculum-Time Out Rooms
4326-Instruction-Instruction for Students with Limited English Proficiency
4327-Curriculum-Homebound Instruction
4340-Curriculum-Adult Education Programs
4351-Curriculum-Home Instruction
4510.1-Instructional Resources-Instructional Technology
4510.2-Instructional Technology-Technology Goals
4510.3-Instructional Technology-Code of Conduct
4510.4-Instructional Technology-Technology Standards
4510.5-Instructional Technology-Technology Hardware
4510.6-Instructional Technology-Software Applications Use
4510.7-Instructional Technology-Network Access
4510.8-Instructional Technology-Computer Electronic Mail (E Mail)/Bulletin Boards
4510.9-Instructional Technology-Computer Internet Use
4510.10-Instructional Technology-Security
4510.11-Instructional Technology-Backup/Recovery
4510.12-Instructional Technology-Training
4530-Parents-Interpreters for Hearing Impaired Parents
4532-Instructional Resources-School Volunteers           4535-Instructional Materials-Loaning of Library Materials
4714-Academic Achievement-Parent Conferences
4720-Academic Achievement-Testing Programs
4730-Academic Achievement-Homework
4770-Academic Achievement-Graduation Requirements 4771-Academic Achievement-Early Graduation                   4773-IEP, Local Certificate, High School Diploma  


5000-Student Policies Goals-Wellness
5020-Student Policies Goals-Equal Educational Opportunities
5020.1-Student Policies Goals-Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act or 1973
5110-Student Attendance-School Attendance Areas
5141-Entrance Age-Early Admission to Kindergarten Policy
5142-Entrance Age-Early Admission to Grade One Policy
5151-Student Attendance-Residency and School Admissions
5160-Student Attendance-Statement of Overall Objectives
5160.1-Student Absences and Excuses-Class Attendance - Grades Nine through Twelve
5162-Student Attendance-Student Dismissal Precautions
5220-Programs-Student Publications
5250-Programs-Student Activities Fund
5280-Programs-Interscholastic Athletics
5280.1-Programs-Marching Band
5290.1-Programs-Academic Eligibility-Academic Eligibility - Grades Nine through Twelve
5290.2-Programs-Academic Eligibility-Grades Six through Eight
5311-Student Conduct-Student Rights and Responsibilities
5311.3-Student Conduct-Student Complaints and Grievances
5312.1-Student Conduct-Drug and Alcohol Abuse
5312.2-Student Conduct-Dangerous Weapons in Schools
5313.3-Student Conduct-Suspension and Expulsion
5314-Student Conduct-Corporal Punishment
5330-Student Conduct-Searches and Interrogations
5420-Student Welfare-Student Health Services
5425-Student Welfare-Use of Automated External Defibrillators
5430-Student Welfare-Concussion Management
5460-Student Welfare-Prevention and Reporting of Suspected Child Abuse andd Maltreatment
5470-Student Welfare-Sexual Harassment
5480-Student Welfare-Tobacco-Free Environment
5500-Student Records-Student Records
5620-Miscellaneous Student Policies-Pregnant Students
5621-Miscellaneous Student Policies-Foreign Travel Requirements 


6100-Annual Budget-Annual Budget
6110-Annual Budget-Budget Planning
6111-Annual Budget-Budget Deadlines and Schedules
6113-Annual Budget-Dissemination of Budget Recommendations
6130-Annual Budget-Procedure for the Submission of Propositions
6210-Revenue-Local Tax Levy
6300-Bonds and Notes-Bonds and Notes
6410-Depository of Funds-Authorized Signatures
6600-Fiscal Accounting and Reporting-Fiscal Accounting and Reporting
6610-Fiscal Accounting and Reporting-Accounting System
6611-Fiscal Accounting and Reporting-General Budgetary Controls
6630-Fiscal Accounting and Reporting-Financial Reports and Statements
6631-Fiscal Accounting and Reporting-Fund Balance Management
-Fiscal Accounting and Reporting-Appraisal of District's Fixed Assets
6650-Fiscal Accounting and Reporting-Internal Auditor
6670-Fiscal Accounting and Reporting-Petty Cash/Petty Cash Accounts
6730-Purchasing-Cooperative Purchasing
6750-Purchasing-Vendor Relations
6850-Purchasing-Credit Card Use 


7000-Facilities Development Goals-Facilities Development Goals
7200-Financing Facilities Development-Financing Facilities Development
7320-Facilities Construction-Selection of Architect/and or Engineer
7360-Facilities Construction-Construction Contracts, Bidding and Awards
7810-Retirement of Facilities-Closing of Educational Buildings


8134-Safety Program-Emergency Closings
8134.1-Communications-Cellular Telephones
8414.3-Transportation-Student Conduct on School Buses                                                           8414.4-Transportation-Seat Belts


9000-Personnel Policies Goals-Personnel Policies Goals
9010.2-Personnel Policies Goals-Harassment (Including Sexual Harassment)
9100-Professional Development-Professional Development Reimbursements
9110-Expense Reimbursements-Mileage Reimbursement
9120-Expense Reimbursements-Meal and Other Expense Reimbursement
9125.1-Staff Conduct-Drug and Alcohol Abuse
9125.2-Staff Conduct-Transportation Employee Testing Act of 1991                                                                      9125.3-Staff Conduct-Employee Use of Social Media
9135-Staff Conduct-Suspected Child Abuse by District Personnel
9140-Personnel and Negotiations Staff Complaints and Grievances
9211.2-Professional Staff-Incidental Teaching
9260-Conditional or Emergency Appointments-Child Safety
9511-Miscellaneous Personnel and Negotiations Policies- Staff Health
9511.1-Miscellaneous Personnel and Negotiations Policies-Administrative Personnel Background Checks
9520.2-Family and Medical leave Act-Family and Medical leave Act
9550.1-Non-Affiliated Personnel-Non-Affiliated Personnel Fringe Benefits 



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