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September 19, 2017

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Scholarship Information for Seniors

For additional Financial Aid Information and links, click here.

Abbott and Fenner Scholarship- deadline 06/12/2017 -

Albert M. Becker Scholarship - must be a child or grandchild of a member of the American Legion or Auxilliary - or a graduate of Boys State or Girls State, and must be planning to major in communications. 

AES Engineering Scholarship- deadline 10/06/2017 ( seniors can apply and you DO NOT have to be going into Engineering!!!!)

Air and Waste Management Scholarship - deadline 2/28/17

Amelia Earhart Aeronautics/STEM Scholarship - application available in the CC - deadline - 2/24/17

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority  - deadline 4/10/2016

Alzheimer's Teen Scholarship- deadline 02/15/2017  

Apartment List Scholarship - deadline - 3/1/2017

Art Lodes East Hill Elem- deadline 04/07/2017

Association of Fire District State of New York Ned Carter Past Presidents Scholarship- deadline - must be postmarked by the first Saturday in March - 2017

Athnet Scholarship - deadline - June 1, 2016 

AXA Achievement Community Scholarship (Local)- deadline 12/15/2017 ( - they will accept the first 10,000 applicants

B. Davis Scholarship- deadline 05/22/2017  ( )

Berkshire Bank Scholarship - deadline 3/22/17 Apply at - must be involved in community service - due by 4 pm

Betty Wiles Scholarship International Center of Syracuse- scholarship applications available in the Career Center  - deadline 3/15/17     

Bianca Ulshafer Senior Award- deadline 04/13/2017

Big Sun Athletic Scholarship- deadline 06/19/2017

Bob Allen Scholarship (Amateur Hockey Player - past or present)- deadline - 4/1/2017 

Book Scholarship (Onondaga County Retired Teachers)- deadline 04/15/2016

Buick Achievers Scholarship- deadline 2/29/2016 - application available at -

Burger King Scholarship- deadline 12/10/2016

Camillus Middle School PTO Scholarship- deadline 04/16/2017

Camillus Police Benevolent Association Scholarship- deadline 04/16/2017

Camillus Softball and Baseball Scholarship..WGAC- deadline 04/30/2017 - MUST BE POSTMARKED BY THIS DATE!!

Camillus Youth Hockey Association Scholarship- deadline  3/3/2017

Class of 1971 Scholarship- deadline 04/15/2017

CNY Sales and Marketing- deadline 02/28/17 available Online  SEE NEW DEADLINE DATE!!

CNY Stem Scholars Program-4 year scholarship - deadline 02/22/17   2 year scholarship - deadline 5/15/17  Apply online at

Coca Cola Scholarship- deadline 10/31/2016

College Peas Scholarship -

 Constantino Scholarships Syracuse Track Club- deadline 06/01/2017

Craig Rienhardt Memorial Scholarship- deadline 05/06/2017

Delta Kappa Gamma Society Grant- deadline 03/1/2017 (teaching or other service field) must have one Native American parent - this scholarship is for woman only, NOTE NEW DEADLINE! APPLICATIONS ALSO AVAILABLE IN THE CC

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. Scholarship- deadline 02/05/14  - (African American, Hispanic, Native American)

Deputy Searles Scholarship Criminal Justice- deadline 05/01/2018 ( - must be pursuing a career in criminal justice

District Attorney's Advisory Council Scholarship- deadline 03/17/17  Applications available in the CC

Earl and Kay Hurd and Gordon Hurd Memorial Scholarship - application available in the CC - deadline 5/2

Eddie Future Greatness Scholarship for LGBTQ youth - visit for application - deadlines vary - one in the fall and one in the spring

Edna B. Davis Scholarship - for women pursuing Music Education, professional performance, or other related degree.  Deadline - 2/24/2017  application available in the CC (Zonta)  Updated 2/3/17

Elks Most Valuable Student Scholarships - deadline - 11/30/2016 - Students must follow instructions or will be disqualified. NOTE NEW DEADLINE!!

Elks National Foundation Legacy Award - parent/granparent must be a member of the Elks - - deadline- 2/3/2017 - NOTE NEW DEADLINE

FASNY Scholarship - deadlines vary - visit . There are several scholarships available with different deadlines.  Visit 

Federation of Sportsment's Club Scholarship- deadline ( postmarked by) 05/15/2017 (application found at  

GE-Ronald Reagan Foundation Scholarship- deadline 1/5/2017

Greater Camillus Chamber of Commerce- deadline - the committee MUST have the scholarship by 4/28/17, so get it to Guidance before that

Horatio Alger Scholarship - must demonstrate financial need - 

Jean M. Coon Humanitarian Award - deadline 2/24/17 - application available in the Career Center

Kevin Wells Memorial Scholarship- deadline 04/20/2017

Knifetown American Legion Scholarship- deadline 03/22/2018

Latino Americano Scholarship-  5/15/16  available after May 1 at

LeMoyne College - CYO Scholarship- deadline 02/1/2017 - applications available in the CC - NOTE NEW DEADLINE!!

Luanne A. Rienzo Memorial- deadline (postmarked by) 06/20/2015

Michael Harms Theater Festival Scholarship- 3/20/2017

Missy Devaney Memorial Scholarship - deadline 4/1/17

National CO-OP Scholarship Program- deadline 02/15/2017 (Clarkson,Oswego,Drexel, Cinncinati, Johnson & Wales,Kettering, Toledo, Rochester Institute of Technology, UMass, Wentworth applicants only)

NY Conference of Italian-American State Legislators Scholarships- deadline 04/7/2018 - 2 SCHOLARSHIPS - ONE ATHLETIC AND ONE ACADEMIC  - available in the CC - UPDATE - 2017 APPLICATIONS HAVE ARRIVED

NY Credit Union Association Scholarships - deadline December 30, 2016 - must be a member of a credit union - applications available in the Career Center or at

NY District Kiwanis Foundation Scholarship- deadline 04/30/2018 - applications are available in the Career Center

NY State Fairs and Showpeoples Scholarship - deadline 04/14/2017

NY Water Environment Association, Inc- deadlines vary-see website  online at - this organization has a few different scholarships - environmental major or NYWEA relation .   The Jim Anderson Memorial Scholarship expires on 5/1 and the Lucy Grassano Memorial Scholarship expires on 2/1/2016.

NYS Academy of Family Physicians- deadline 03/31/16 - applications in CC (must be in Albany by the date)

NYS Automotive Aftermarket Assoc.- deadline 03/31/2016

NYS Superintendents of Buildings and Grounds Scholarship- deadline 3/17/2017  applications available in the CC

Onondaga County Farm Bureau Scholarship- deadline 4/1/2017 NOTE NEW DEADLINE!! THIS IS FOR STUDENTS PURSUING A COLLEGE DEGREE IN AN AGRICULTURE RELATED FIELD and are members of the organization - or parents are

Onondaga Co. Medical Alliance Scholarship- 4/21/17- application available in CC - new applications available now - updated 3/1/17

Onondaga Co. Retired Teacher's Association - deadline 4/15/16 - must be going into teaching - applications available in the CC

Onondaga Road PTA- deadline 04/28/2018

Optimist Club Scholarship - deadline 03/27/2017 - applications are in the Career Center UPDATED 2/14

Peace Action Youth Award- deadline 03/08/2014

Pettengill Scholarship ZONTA- deadline 01/20/2015   available in the CC (NOTE NEW DEADLINE!!)

Polish Scholarship Fund- deadline 03/15/2016 -

 Price Chopper Golub Foundation Scholarships- Attention!!!! This scholarship is NOT available at this time - keep checking their website to see if it is reinstated.  

Prudential Spirit of Community- deadline 11/08/2016 - students wishing to be nominated for this should see Mrs. Sauda

Realty USA Scholarship - deadline 5/6/2017

Robin Pittard Woman In Science Scholarship- deadline 04/14/2018  NOTE!!! 3 RECOMMENDATIONS ARE NEEDED

Ron Brown Scholar Program- deadline 01/09/2017 - NOTE NEW DEADLINE -

Ryan Schoonmaker- deadline 04/27/2017

Sally Whittle Scholarship for Musical Excellence.- deadline 05/17/2017- applications available in the CC or visit: -

Sandy Squires Rotary Scholarship- deadline 05/15/2017  applications in the CC -NOTE NEW DEADLINE

Sarah Peek Memorial Scholarship East Hill Elementary- deadline 04/05/2017

SECNY Credit Union Scholarship -

Shire ADHD Scholarship Program -  deadline 3/9/2016 - application on

Society of Women Engineers Scholarship- deadline 04/01/2016 - application available online 

Solvay Geddes Camillus Kiwanis Club Scholarship- deadline 04/24/2017 - needs counselor signature - applications now available in the Career Center

Split Rock PTO Scholarship (Shirley Gurney)- deadline 04/26/2017

State Farm Good Neighbor Scholarship Program - Register to Apply at -  Deadline - 3/2/2015

Stonehedge PTA Scholarship- deadline 04/15/2017

Student Insights - visit for a survey -  deadline 4/22/17

Syracuse Builders Exchange - application available in the Career Center - deadline - 4/28/17 NOTE NEW DEADLINE!!

Syracuse Chapter of CPCU Society Scholarship- deadline 04/15/2016 - application available in the Career Center

Syracuse Chapter of the Links, Inc - deadline 04/7/17 Application available in the CC - must be received by deadline

Syracuse Hospitality and Tourism Scholarship- deadline 05/31/15  application in CC - renewal received - scholarship is available

Syracuse Women's District Golf Association Girl's Scholarship- NOTE NEW DEADLINE - MUST BE RECEIVED BY THE COMMITTEE NO LATER THAN 5/2/17  

Thomas J. Krajci Memorial Scholarship - deadline 5/1/2017 - visit for application - must be pursuing a career in criminal justice or labor relations

Tom Fox Memorial Scholarship Fund - deadline 4/30/2017

Tony DeVivo Memorial Scholarship - Deadline 6/1/2016 - applications were received 3/16 - available in the CC

Varsity Tutors Scholarship -

Voices of Tomorrow Scholarship (Syracuse Chorale) - deadline 4/22/2016  applications available in the CC

Wendy's Heisman Athletic Scholarship- deadline 10/02/2017 - first 1000 applicants receive a $10 gift card

West Genesee High School Food Service Workers Scholarship - student must be attending a Culinary Program - complete the WG Generic Scholarship Application - deadline 4/28/17

West Genesee Sports Booster Club- deadline 04/26/2017

West Genesee Senior Class Scholarship - application available in the Career Center and Room A137 - deadline May 15th

West Genesee Student Council Scholarship- deadline 05/1/2017

West Genesee Teacher's Assoc. Scholarship- deadline 04/15/2017

WGHS PTSO Scholarship- deadline 04/22/2017 - note!!  Recommendations are NOT required

WGMS PTA Scholarship- deadline 04/07/2017

Young Entrepreneur Awards- deadline 12/18/16 - students are able to apply starting 10/1/16

Young Women in Public Affairs Award ZONTA- 2/24/17  - active commitment to community volunteering -   NOTE NEW DEADLINE - APPLICATIONS AVAILABLE IN THE CC -



Interactive Generic Scholarship Form

This form allows you to apply for scholarships listed in the West Genesee Scholarship booklet or those on our website that REQUIRE the Generic Scholarship Form. 

If a scholarship lists its own form (or web site to obtain a form) then you will NOT be able to use this form.

Generic Scholarship Form Instructions:

  • Fill out the form online

  • Save it to your home directory at school, your home PC, or a personal thumb drive

  • When applying for more than one scholarship, simply change the scholarship name

  • Once the form is completed, PRINT and bring it with all other required materials to Mrs. Tarolli in Guidance

  • We cannot accept applications without all requirements included

  • If you have any questions regarding this form, please contact Mrs. Sauda in the Career Center

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