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January 16, 2018

arrow bulletBoard of Education Instructional Technology Policies

Back to Instructional Technology

  • 4510.1-Instructional Resources-Instructional TechnologyiPads in the classroom
  • 4510.2-Instructional Technology-Technology Goals
  • 4510.7-Instructional Technology-Network Access
  • 4510.3-Instructional Technology-Code of Conduct
  • 4510.4-Instructional Technology-Technology Standards
  • 4510.5-Instructional Technology-Technology Hardware
  • 4510.6-Instructional Technology-Software Applications
  • 4510.8-Instructional Technology-Computer Electronic Mail (E Mail)/Bulletin Boards
  • 4510.9-Instructional Technology-Computer Internet Use
  • 4510.10-Instructional Technology-Security
  • 4510.11-Instructional Technology-Backup/Recovery
  • 4510.12-Instructional Technology-Training


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